Aikin’s Remarks Won’t Hurt GOP With Women

Missouri GOP Congressman Todd Aikin's completely misinformed "legitimate rape" comment over the weekend won't cost the Republican Party a single vote.

Not because women aren't offended, even outraged by the comment, which Aikin has since retracted. But because any woman who was still supporting the Republican Party after their year-long assault on women's health and reproductive rights has already clearly indicated that for her abortion is not a litmus test issue. And every woman for whom it is a crucial concern has already decided to support Obama. The Democratic ticket holds a wide lead over the GOP slate among women of all ages, particularly those under 50 who recently split 2-to-1 against the Republicans.

Short of proposing that they lose the right to vote or to own property, my guess is the GOP has done about as much damage as it can to the women's vote this year. 

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