All Four Niner QBs Look Good in Preseason Opener

The San Francisco 49ers opened the 2012 pre-season at home this evening with a 17-6 win over the rebuilding Minnesota Vikings. All four of the Niners' QB corps — starter Alex Smith, backup Colin Kaepernick, Scott Tolzien and Josh Johnson — looked pretty good on opening night. I was particularly impressed with Kaepernick, who's viewed by many NFL observers as a potential superstar. His legs are awesome and his field awareness was outstanding. He does need to learn to make quicker decisions and get rid of the ball a bit faster but that's probably a matter of more turns over center. Smith was nearly in season-opening form, making good decisions and keeping his head in the game.

I found myself more concerned with the defense, which was our main strength last year and which I expected to be slightly better this season. Justin Smith took the night off but the rest of the crew was intact. I was amazed at how easily the Vikings picked that D apart both through the air and on the ground in the first half.

The non-union, untrained officials did a credible job. I only saw a couple of bad calls but I usually see more than that with a regular crew, so that was pleasantly surprising. I hope the owners get their heads out of their collective butts pretty soon, though; this game can't be played properly with raw zebra.

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