Amazon Smile, A Great Program That Needs a Little Work

Some time ago, I discovered the Amazon Smile program (which you can access by going to This program enables you to have many of your purchases produce a donation to a charity of your choice.

amazon-smileYou simply go to and select the charity you want to support. Thereafter, every time you make a purchase from the Smile portal of the site, a percentage will go to that charity. The program is pretty well designed. Not only is it transparent to use, even reminds you from time to time when you forget to type in the “smile” in your URL that you have a charity you’re trying to support and, with one click, transfers you there.

I wish this service had a couple of features that I think could strengthen it considerably.

First, I’d like to know, after I make a purchase at, how much I just contributed to my cause. It would be nice if I could see the total I’d contributed to the cause over time using

Second, I’d love to see the overall impact of the smile program on my charity. How much has been raised altogether? How many people are contributing this way?

Third, I’d like to see this group of people supporting this charity turned into an ad hoc community. This would enable me to perhaps interact with other people who are supporting it, permit me to invite friends to join in the contribution fun, and otherwise “communitize” this experience.

I applaud for this great idea and for its excellent implementation. Now let’s take it up a notch!


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