And Now Some Posterous Things That Aren’t So Good…

My last post via Posterous revealed some issues. Some of these may be misunderstandings on my part or lack of documentation on theirs. Others may just be flaws or not-yet features. But here's what I observed:

  1. You cannot embed HTML in your emails to be posted via Posterous. It doesn't even interpret the HTML correctly on the Posterous blog post, let alone anywhere else.
  2. I thought I understood how tagging worked but I don't. The docs say I should use a line like ((tag: Posterous, peace)) to get my posts tagged, but unless I'm using that wrong, it didn't work for me on any of the services I use. The line appeared but the tags weren't created for me in my WordPress blog or, for that matter, on Posterous as far as I could tell. In FaceBook, the tags — which was the first line in the text of my message — showed up exactly as I entered them while Twitter was smart enough to strip them and start with the initial text of the actual post.
  3. What I'd prefer to do is to have my posts link back to my real blog rather than my Posterous blog, but so far that seems to be a to-come feature. They may be adding that to their hinted-at future premum product. If that's part of the upgrade package, I'll probably buy it just for that.

The first problem is no issue; I just need to learn to use gMail's rich text editor instead of slapping in manual HTML codes (old habits die hard). That's what I've done here and I'll bet my numbered list above shows up where it can and should. Tags are an issue; I need to figure that out. But with so much richness that does work, I'm not going to let a few quirks bother me. I'll learn to adjust.

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