Another VR Sample Site With Source

I ran across another interesting VR site today that seemed worth sharing.

The content of these 14 VRs is pretty weak for the most part, but a few of them are quite nice. The main thing I found interesting was that each scene has source code available. You can copy and paste this source code into your own environment and use it as a starting point, tweaking parameters and observing their effects.

For someone interested in WebVR, this is clearly a great early-stage resource.


If you are using the Mattel Viewer, you can save a bunch of time running through these samples. When you finish with one, open the viewer and orient it vertically. This brings you back to the navigation menu where you can just tap on the “Next” arrow to bring up the next sample in the sequence. Given the relative difficulty of removing the phone from the viewer and/or constantly figuring out how to go back to the site, this helps a good bit.


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