Apple Opts Out of Green Program? Really? Come On, People!

Apple is making one of the dumbest moves of its foot-shooting history these days. And it's going to cost it not only sales but cred.

The company has decided to pull 39 computer products out of the highly regarded EPEAT program designed to encourage computer makers to build products that are more recyclable and environmentally sensitive.  It does not appear to have a sound strategic reason for this idiotic move. Rather, it appears that the company — in an oversight that the expert micro-managing Steve Jobs would never have missed or, probably, permitted — designed its new laptops badly. Then, rather than face a virtual censure of its product by the EPEAT forces, it decided simply to yank all of its support for the group.

The City of San Francisco reacted swiftly by encouraging all departments to top buying Macs. Companies and governmental agencies all over the country who are committed to following EPEAT guidelines in their purchasing will have to do the same.

Smooth move, Tim Cook. Let's see you handle this hot potato.

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