Aren’t They Missing the Point in Obama’s Address?

Maybe it’s just me but it seems to me that a quick sampling of mainstream and Lefty media following the President’s speech on Syria this evening suggests that everyone is burying the lead.

To me, the most essential part of his message was that he has asked Congress to postpone the vote on his request for authorization to use military strikes to respond to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons. In other words, he’s back-burnering what was until less than 48 hours earlier his primary thrust in favor of a brand-new diplomatic initiative.

Yet there was the same bloviation going on. Some of my favorite commentators — including MSNBC’s Chris Hayes — were clearly stuck in their own egos and surrounding their “observations” with a lot of dancing around the issue.

Let’s be clear.

The President blinked. He shifted course. Most of the pre-speech commentary I heard conjectured that he would acknowledge the new initiative’s potential but demand that Congress give him his authorization to attack as continued leverage to ensure the diplomatic means would succeed. There was none of that. Zip. Put my earlier plan on the back burner and pursue this diplomatic effort full time. Full stop.

Why isn’t that the headline?

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