Author: Dan Shafer


"I give thanks for everyone who is contributing to the evolving consciousness of global peace enveloping the world."

That is the closing paragraph of today's "Daily Word" meditation. (Here is the entire meditation.)

Peace is impossible for the world and inevitable for each of us. The key is to get enough individuals to be the peace we want to see in the world. When that happens — not if — the world will find itself suddenly and magically transformed into Peaceful Planet.


Posterous Appears to be the Answer

Well, it appears that Posterous is the solution to the problem of multi-network posting that I've been seeking. I'm posting this note via my gMail account and it promises to appear on  Facebook,  Twitter,  FriendFeed and my brand-new WordPress blog. Posting Nirvana!

I'll want to experiment with things like embedding images and media in an email to see how it handles that more complex stuff, but for now it's cool to have a single way to post to all of those services when I have something I'd like to say on all of them.

Posterous Looks Good So Far

I've been looking for some time for a way to post comments in one place and have them automatically update my Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed and my personal Drupal blog. Looks like I  might have found it in Posterous. I'm just finishing up round one of my experiment with it and this is the first post I've tried since I set it up to auto-post to those locations. So we'll see what it does with this information.