Best Shot in Years for a Progressive Agenda?

The perennial idea that America may have its best chance of moving strongly in a progressive direction arises again this political season.

Here’s a somewhat plausible scenario under which we could end up with our first Progressive President since Kennedy-Johnson.

  1. Hilary Clinton either decides not to run for the nomination in 2016 or is defeated from the Left.
  2. The Republican Party, held in thrall by the Tea Party contingent, nominates a candidate for the White House who is widely as repugnant as many Senatorial candidates were in 2012 elections.
  3. The nation, faced with what it sees as a choice between two extremes, opts for the Leftist principally because the GOP nominee is just too far right.

I don’t see the odds of these events all occurring in 2016 as being very good, frankly.

But I do see 2016 as our last great hope of salvaging a nation of compassion, cooperation and, ultimately, internal peace. If the nation continues its disastrous trend to the Right — and this will happen whether the Republicans or the Corporate Democrats win the White House — then the pendulum may well have swung too far. The only real hope for our great nation then will be for a populist awakening with deeply spiritual roots that begins the transformation from “me” to “we”. Because without that shift, without that miracle, America is destined to become a far different country in the next 10-15 years than it has been for most of its first 200+.


2 comments for “Best Shot in Years for a Progressive Agenda?

  1. Don Huntington
    August 12, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    You might be too pessimistic. I’m going to vote Democrat next election (and I wrote in Ron Paul) last time. I’m doing it for the last two reasons, but I don’t get your first one. I would vote for Hilary.

  2. August 12, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Hillary is not a true Progressive, she’s a Corporate Democrat which is to say she’s Republican Light like her husband. If she’s the nominee, I’ll vote for her (absent a third-party Progressive candidacy which I don’t foresee) but not with any real enthusiasm.I vastly prefer Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden or Alan Grayson or Martin O’Malley or any of several other candidates and prospective candidates with real progressive bona fides.

    While the current crop of perceived legitimate GOP contenders leads me to a place of “any Democrat is better than any Republican,” there may be some Republican lurking in the deep shadows of whom I’m unaware at the moment whom I might prefer over a conservative Democrat.