Bye Bye Dreamhost! 3333 Days and No Longer Counting

I discontinued my hosting account with Dreamhost today. As I was signing off, I was told I was slightly outside the 90day free cancellation period. I’d been a customer for 3,333 days. I joined them on June 6, 2005.

I wasn’t particularly unhappy with Dreamhost, though some recent performance turndowns have caused me to be a little less than satisfied. The real reason for the consolidation was that when I was doing Web work full time I didn’t want all my hosting eggs in one basket so I split customers between Dreamhost and Bluehost with an occasional foray into another service at a specific client request. Today, with my business just about retired and mostly hosting my own and family-owned sites, it made sense for me to consolidate in one place.

As I evaluated the two services over the past four weeks or so, I discovered that Bluehost was just a tiny bit better in almost every regard I was evaluating. That, combined with the fact that I had more of my sites at Bluehost now than I had at Dreamhost, mitigated in favor of the move toward Blue.

Dreamhost’s services are quite good. I particularly found their Dreampress service — with which I experimented the last couple of months on one of my WP sites — to be quite performant. If my WP business was continuing, I’d be tempted to move in the DH direction because of that service (though I haven’t yet checked to see if Bluehost has something similar).

So now everything’s on one service, which I’m sure will add at least a little efficiency.

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