Car-Sharing Services Under Government Scrutiny: Trying to Stop the Inevitable

I read a piece on SmartPlanet this morning outlining the case the City of San Francisco is making against a tiny startup called FlightCar. I had read the story and others like it over the past couple of weeks.

In response to the article, I posted a reply, the first paragraph of which reads:

It’s inane for the government to try to intervene and stop the idea of sharing of resources, particularly at a time when scarcity rules the day and wages are depressed. Sharing is an absolutely inevitable idea and this is but one manifestation of it. If the company were a non-profit and no money changed hands, do you think anyone would raise an eyebrow?

I’d love it if you read the rest of my response and the other reactions.

This is all part of one of my missions in life to help nurture sharing and gifting economies as a legitimate response and alternative to market-based economies which I see as being on their way out the door over time. That’s why I volunteer at The Gifting Earth.


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