Catching Up With the Giants. Whew

Going into today’s game at home with the Miami Marlins, the orange-and-black have dropped from 7-5 and second place in the NL West to a fourth-place record of 8-10. That span includes a four-game home sweep at the hands of the Arizona Diamondbacks, who are only now finding themselves at .500. Pretty dismal times.

The scores since we last checked the Giants’ pitching-vs-hitting stats:

April 17 – Lost to Dodgers due to hitting, 3-1

April 18 – Lost to D-Backs due to pitching, 9-7

April 19 – Lost to D-Backs due to hitting, 3-0

April 20 – Lost to D-Backs due to hitting, 2-1

April 21 –  lost to D-Backs due to both hitting and pitching, 6-2

April 22 – Beat Miami Marlins with hitting and pitching 4-1, but Samardzija gave up eight hits, so the pitching call on my part could be argued to be wrong.

Here are the new ShaferStats.


3.5        4.5       4        6         8-10

This means that so far offense has been a bigger contributor than pitching to the Giants’ performance. Which is what I suggested at the beginning of the season. Looking only at wins, the offense is responsible for 56.3% of the wins.

It’s obviously too early to draw any conclusions but so far this exercise has been fun for me. I hope you’re enjoying it as well.

Tonight is a relatively rare Saturday evening game which I hope is available on TV in my area.


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