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I Knew Daylight Savings Was Stupid, But Expensive? $500 Million Expensive?

According to this story on SmartPlanet today, converting to Daylight Savings Time every spring costs the nation in the neighborhood of $500 million. A detailed state-by-state study of lost productivity, increased accidents and an uptick in heart attacks conducted by research firm Chmura Economics & Analytics.

It’s been obvious for many years that the original purpose behind the DST practice — saving energy — was probably no longer valid. Since we’ve become a largely indoor society, that extra hour, as the SmartPlanet piece says, “becomes an extra hour in which we run our air conditioners, play with the plethora of devices and find some other way to squander that little bit of extra daylight that comes at a great cost.”

As far as I can tell, there are zero benefits to this ridiculously outmoded idea. This year, it even shorted me an hour on my birthday!

If LinkedIn Buys Pulse, I Could Be Very Happy

pulselogolinkedinlogoThere are unconfirmed news reports today that LinkedIn is in the final stages of acquiring news reader/aggregator Pulse for something north of $50 million.

I use both LinkedIn and Pulse every day multiple times and have found each in its own way to be a valuable source of useful and usable information. In addition, I love Pulse’s user experience; they’ve done some very deep and clear thinking about how to make a tablet app feel like it was built specifically for that platform.

So if the two combine, they could make my life more efficient. LinkedIn has recently been nudging towards a news-focused front page experience as it shifted more and more of its attention to content. If I could access my news feeds within LinkedIn and have the service merge news filtered by my LinkedIn interests while giving me the ability to filter news by what my LinkedIn colleagues are reading or recommending, that could considerably sweeten the LinkedIn experience.

I’m a little surprised at the low price tag but I am not privy to Pulse’s financial condition or expansion plans, so the surprise is mild. If it is a good deal for Pulse’s founders and stakeholders, then I’m delighted for all concerned…including avid users like me.