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LiveCode + APIs = Easy-Bake Apps & Mashups

As I return to the LiveCode fold after a somewhat long absence, I am preparing to speak at the upcoming RunRev Live 2014 conference in San Diego. I’m going to be speaking about using LiveCode to create Web-based applications in advance of the HTML5 delivery platform for LiveCode which has recently been fully funded in a community financial effort.

livecodelogoLiveCode excels at a lot of things. One that occurred to me recently is that between its ability to access the Internet and its extremely powerful content-parsing capabilities, it is an absolutely ideal platform for building apps based on any of the tens of thousands of publicly accessible programming APIs.

With one line of code, a LiveCode app can access through an API any arbitrarily complex data structured as text or XML and stuff it into a parseable variable. Then using the chunking expressions that are so amazingly powerful in xTalk vocabularies like LiveCode, parsing out the data from those return data structures that you want to use in the app is really pretty trivial.

Find a couple of related APIs, retrieve the appropriate data from both sources, manipulate and combine the data and add a solid user experience (using LC’s drag-and-drop UX builder) and, voila!, mashup City.

I’m looking forward to exploring this functionality, as well as some other cool Web things in recent LC releases that have shifted the internal Web object from homegrown to WebKit, at the San Diego gathering.

Let me know if you’re going to be there! And watch this blog for more details and code in coming weeks.