Check Out My New Sports-Only Blog!

I’m in the process of revamping my online presence. Again. I feel compelled to do this every year or two. Since I used to do this for a living — and still maintain Web development as an active avocation in retirement — the bug bites me from time to time.

During the last year I’ve become disenchanted with my self-hosted WordPress blogs while maintaining my respect for and knowledge of WordPress as a platform. The overhead of maintaining three separate blogging presences on WordPress has started eating up way too much of my time. Updating WordPress, updating plug-ins, dealing with the not-infrequent hacking and graffiti, trying to stay on top of ways of doing slick things…it’s all become more than I’m interested in doing in my new status as a retired technologist.

So I decided a few weeks ago that I would look for an alternative blogging platform and migrate this blog to it. I actually settled on I exported this blog, imported it into Bloger, and was working on getting it ready for the switch when I realized that what I really wanted to do was to segregate my blogging topics into separate blogs. See, I have a reasonably large following of my sports and technology commentary, a somewhat smaller audience for my politics and governance related stuff, and an even smaller group paying attention to my spiritual stuff. Climate change has a number of regular followers as well and is my fastest-growing segment.

It was about then that I discovered that Blogger does not handle captions on images at all well. Nor is it particularly good about image placement. I decided that, on balance, WordPress is a fine blogging platform. It’s the hosting I hate. So I’ve relocated my sports content to a new blog at The “Sports” menu link on this blog now links to that new blog location. For a time, I’ll cross-post the headlines from my new blog to this one so that my fans who come here will still see that I’m publishing on sports and eventually make the shift.

After a few weeks of this experiment I’ll decide whether to shift other topics to hosted blogs or whether to choose a different alternate platform or to leave it all here or…

There’s no end of fun stuff when you’ve been fatally infected with the Technology Bug!

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