Climate Change Roundup March 3, 2014

Global-Climate-ChangeI’ve decided to start this new feature on my blog where I troll the Web and look for news and commentary about global climate change every day and bring you succinct summaries and links so you can pursue whatever aspects of the crisis interest you most. Please feel free to send me links to pieces you think I should showcase here.

Here are some of today’s best.

 GOP Congressman Ed Rogers spews ignorance in WaPo.

One of the staunchest climate change deniers in the Congress, Rogers offers up some choice bon mots in the Washington Post revealing his ignorance and his 100% politicized agenda on the subject.

“The problem is that many reasonable voters find it hard to know whom to believe.” Yes. Precisely. And it’s because of nut jobs like you that they are confused. For some reason they trust your views on a subject where they should be listening only to the 97% of scientists in the world who agree that global climate change is real, happening now, devastating in its impact, and at least largely caused by bad human behavior.

Retiring Demo Congressman Takes GOP to Task for “Inane” War on Science.

Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) is an actual scientist. He’s a plasma physicist who’s spent more than 50 years being interested in and following climate change. As a degreed plasma physicist, he at least understands science and the scientific method well enough to know how it should be applied to diagnosing and resolving issues of a scientific nature.

In this piece on, he bemoans the lack of progress during his 16 years in Congress, for which he blames fellow Congress critters who don’t understand science, don’t think they need to, and wouldn’t agree with its findings even if they did understand it because, you know. Politics.

Apple CEO Tells Investors to Dump Shares if They Don’t Like His Plans to Combat Climate Change.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, bluntly told investors in his company that he intends to continue to double down on investments in clean energy. He told climate change suspects responding to a right-wing think tank report questioning the value of such investments to sell their shares.

He told one particularly nettlesome questioner, “If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock.” He compared investments in clean energy to those in making devices accessible to the blind and disabled.

200-Year Drought Destroyed Indus Civilization, Scientists Say.

According to an article in Scientific American, the Indus civilization — Bronze Age cultures in Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia — was ultimately destroyed by a 200-year drought caused by a hiatus in monsoon activity. It is, of course, precisely that kind of long-term weather shift (aka climate change) that is at the very heart of our present crisis.

What is that old saw about people who refuse to learn the lessons of history being doomed to repeat them?

 Climate Change Could Produce Millions of New Crimes in U.S.

A newly released study by an environmental economist at a London think tank suggests the U.S. could be in for some significant increases in the level of crime as a direct result of very small upticks in global temperatures.

Matthew Ranson, an environmental economist at Cambridge-based Abt Associates, a public policy research and consulting firm, predicts that over the remainder of this century, rising temperatures in the United States will lead to an additional 22,000 murders, 180,000 cases of rape, and 1.3 million burglaries, among other crimes. He bases these projections on current crime data which show that when temperatures rise, so does crime. This phenomenon is well known among law enforcement officials.

Australia Has Warmed Another Degree in 60 Years, Continues to Be the “Burning, Drying Continent”.

A study by Australia’s national science agency says that continent has heated up by a full degree Centigrade in the past century, most of that in the past 60 years. Australia is earning a global reputation as the “burning, drying continent.”

The country has five times as many very warm days and one-third fewer very cold days and fire hazard weather is on a steep rise, the report continues.


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