Come On, Posterous! Give Us Our Data!

I just posted this on the Posterous corporate blog (which, BTW, hasn't had a single update since March 12 when they announced their acquisition by Twitter):

It seems nobody is reading from the former Posterous team is reading this any more, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway.

It is clear that your acquisition by Twitter is ending work on this site. It's a shame but I understand your desire to cash in on the great work you did here. Meanwhile, autopost time has gone from seconds to minutes to hours, nobody responds to tech support inquiries, no new development has taken place….in other words, Posterous is, if not dead, at least moribund.

Some of us who rely heavily on our blogs for business or personal reasons really need to begin moving our content from here to other services. Yet there is as yet no export capability, and no provided path to move from Posterous to any, let alone all, of the major blogging alternatives. You may or may not owe any loyalty to the fans who made your fame and acquisition possible but I suggest you have a moral imperative not simply to abandon us either.

It is NOW time for you to provide the escape capsules. We need to be able to get out of Dodge before the bandits arrive. And any other mixed metaphor I can come up with. 

Seriously,come on, guys! Give us our data so we can leave while we're still feeling friendly.

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