Could I Have a Little Assault With My Eggs Please?

While having brunch in one of my favorite local spots with two of my favorite local friends the other day, I became aware of the degree to which this place (I won't name it for several reasons, not the least of which is you don't really care!) has become a culinary billboard.

Hanging on two walls, above eye level, are HD displays rotating menu item photos, the specials of the day, cute pictures of the staff and their kids, and literally dozens of ads for local businesses.

The tabletops, which used to be quaintly coffee-stained and chipped, are now clear-lacquered over a veritable plethora of ads for local businesses, churches and organizations. Barely a bare spot on the surface.

This has been going on for some time but for some reason it just got my dander up. (There, now you probably know more about my age than you did a second ago, eh?)

i understand the need to increase revenues in these times. I really do. But frankly I'd rather pay 10% or even 15% more for my food in this place than to have my senses assaulted at every turn by more "opportunities" to spend money. I'm not yet boycotting the place, but I plan to leave a note on the comment card when I'm there this week to let them know how I feel.

Have you noticed any other upticks in the blasting of ads at your senses at every ridiculous opportunity?

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