Countering the Web-Site-in-15-Minutes-For-Under-$50 Misdirect

As someone who earns some reasonable proportion of my income helping people design and build WordPress Web sites and apps, I constantly encounter prospects who have been sold a bill of goods by a plethora of people and companies who benefit from encouraging people to devalue Web development, particularly on the WordPress platform.

This morning on the LinkedIn group “WordPress Web Designers,” I posted a fairly lengthy semi-rant on this subject. Here is a condensed version. If you want to read it in its entirety, you can go to LinkedIn to read it (but you’ll have to be logged into your LinkedIn account).

your website in record time and at lowest priceAll of us who do WordPress development for all or part of our careers constantly encounter what I all the “dot-com misdirect.” This syndrome arises because customers and prospects have been told repeatedly by friends, colleagues, online advertising and promotions that building a WordPress site is a two-hour job.

This makes it particularly difficult to sell a prospect on a four-figure project to create what he probably sees as a simple site when we’re using this amazingly powerful tool that lets you create a site by answering five questions on a form or some such.

Our job in the selling process becomes one of clearly (and patiently) explaining the difference between a one-page, slapped-together brochureware site and an actual dynamic Web site. I find that this process goes fairly smoothly when I focus on benefits and not features.

Then they either get it and hire me (or a competitor) or they don’t and they end up with a disappointing brochureware site.

Sometimes I think we need a Word Press Developers Association that we’d all support and that would do branding work to counter the web-site-in-15-minutes-for-$50 messaging out there. šŸ™‚

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