Dan Shafer’s Story Resumé

Dan in 10 Seconds or Less

Breadth of technology experience. Depth of innovative thinking. World-class written and oral communication skills. Blazingly quick study. Excellent team leader.

Summary: 30 Years of Tech Thought Leadership

I am a well-known and widely respected technologist who takes particular pleasure in helping small and medium businesses achieve Web exposure through elegant Web and mobile design and Social Media Marketing strategies and plans. I can use platforms that will give you maximum control over content. I can bring many aspects of a 30-year background in technology to the table to help you solve your specific Internet presence problems and meet your online goals. From technology strategy to site development to being your Ghost Poster on social networks and everything in between, I’m your Go To Guy for serious (or whimsical) online success. As the author of more than 50 books on computers and high-technology topics,I excel at written and oral communication and have a reputation for making difficult technologies and ideas accessible to everyone.


Writing, Technology strategy, user experience design, Web development, Internet marketing and PR, research and writing, SEO, Jimdo, WordPress, JavaScript/jQuery/jQuery Mobile, CSS, HTML,PHP

Top Strengths Today

It’s all well and good to pack 30 years of hands-on experience under my belt but, as the old saw goes, “What have you done for me lately?” Here are some highlights, but you can always check out the glowing recommendations on my LinkedIn page.

These days my clients find me most valuable when I’m focused on a few key areas where my decades of experience and my current skills converge nicely:

Social Mobile Design and Development. Responsive design is all the rage these days and I have the skills and tools to fashion such a design. But I’ve noticed an increase in the number of clients who want me to build mobile-only sites and apps that take full advantage of the smartphone form and function. I’m convinced that mobile sites are far better bets in the long run than dedicated mobile apps but I can design and develop for either approach.

Creating ultra-low-cost traffic-driving campaigns. I am helping doctors, lawyers, writers and other professionals take full advantage of free and low-cost social network marketing, public relations, good Search Engine Optimization strategies (which means content strategies in the real world). I do the same for people who run spiritually oriented businesses and provide such services. My clients are always surprised by the amount of value I can get them for surprisingly small investments. My help covers the whole range of services: ghost-posting on blogs and social media sites, article writing and placement in the larger Web, the new approaches to public relations, and creative reuse of existing content.

Technology strategy advice and counsel. In a number of cases I’ve been able to help companies — startups and established companies launching new projects — to select appropriate technologies, deployment strategies, market approaches, social network integration. In addition, I often perform the first-level design, creating mockups or prototypes of apps and sites that become a living specification for a development team. As I undertake this process, I often help clients uncover missed design opportunities and potential issues before they become costly coding or strategic mistakes.

Interesting Details

You can learn a lot more about my technology offerings at my Shafer Media company site.

Here’s my Twitter stream but I’m much more interesting on Facebook. (Anyone who has written more than 50 books has a tough time being clever in 140 characters!)

These are some of the companies I’ve helped over the years:

  • Apple (technical documentation help, notably on HyperCard during its launch)
  • Intel (where I worked as a Marketing Communications Director)
  • Amdahl (tech writing contractor)
  • CNet (First editorial director and conference manager/host on the Web building side)
  • Salon (First Webmaster and technologist)

I’ve built more than 100 Web sites and apps over the past several years. These are the platforms I currently enjoy building on:

  • Jimdo (for simple sites where user-management of content is crucial)
  • WordPress (increasingly usable for many types of sites, including most of my own)

Here are the programming and scripting languages I know well and prefer to use when it’s my choice, but I’m a language junkie and learn new ones quite quickly (and enjoy the process as well):

  • JavaScript
  • Smalltalk
  • LiveCode (like HyperTalk scripting on steroids, but not for Web work)
  • PHP (slightly above average skills but excellent when working in a strong framework)

I’m well versed in CSS (I wrote a best-seller about it) and HTML (I still do a fair amount of hand-coding to get exactly what I want).