Dan Zarrella Has Some Great Twitter Insights for You

Internet Marketing guru (I use this word sparingly) Dan Zarrella is offering a free download of a chapter from his new book The Science of Marketing. Chapter 5, available here, covers Twitter and it offers some really amazing and surprising insights. Zarrella backs up everything in this chapter (and presumably in the book) with solid data he has personally researched.

I was particularly interested in a couple of the findings.

First, the fact that tweeting more frequently works better. Up to 20 times a day!? Every hour?! Man, if I follow someone who posts that frequently, I unfollow them. So that’s really surprising to me. (I couldn’t tell if his data included both original Tweets and RTs in this posting frequency but I assume it does.) One interesting thought that occurred to me as I read this chapter: I tend to spend my time on Twitter in one or two blocks a day. Stuff that goes by between visits gets no notice from me at all. Monitoring a busy Twitter feed like mine (and I’m following less than 400 folks) would be a nearly full-time job. But if this data is accurate, I’d need to check in far more often during the day and evening. Not sure i have the stomach for that!
Second, the notion that you get more attention (clicks and RTs) by putting the link URL nearer the beginning of the Tweet. Completely counter-intuitive. I’m going to experiment with this one a bit.
Again, it seems counter-intuitive but Zarrella knows his stuff, and he backs it up with data, so I’ll test this idea.
BTW, I don’t find Twitter very productive (and perhaps what I’ve said above indicates that it’s my behavior on Twitter that’s at fault); most of my really good leads and clicks come from LinkedIn first, Facebook second and G+ moving up fast into third.


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