Did Amazon Just Shoot Itself in the Foot?

amazon_logoAmazon.com has announced its online store will no longer carry Google Play and Apple TV streaming TV devices. These devices not only compete directly with Amazon’s Fire TV product line, they are also not very usable with Amazon Prime Video and related products.

I’m sure the head honchos at Amazon think this is a great move. It will make it harder for their customers to buy competing and non-compliant products from their store. But I suspect they will be forced to reverse this policy soon. Not only does it smack (further) of their clear intent to become a mega-monopoly (never a good business strategy; see Microsoft) but what will happen when (not if) Apple yanks Amazon’s apps from its iTunes store?

This morning, I got an email from Amazon touting new features in their Prime Music offering. I’m not a big user of music but I thought I’d check it out. Tap, tap, tap and I had their app downloaded and installed via the iTunes store. But if Apple decides to give the Amazon world of apps the same shabby treatment Amazon is now giving Apple’s TV product, I won’t be able (or willing) to install them on my iPhone, iPad or Macs.

Which will ultimately determine who needs whose customers more.

I predict Amazon.com will be seen to have overplayed its hand here.


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