Divi, My New Best Friend from Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has emerged as my favorite WordPress theming site and their brilliant Divi theme has become my go-to theme in the past few weeks.

elegant_themesDivi is a  drag-and-drop page-building theme that features support for an impressive array of designs and features. For more than 75% of the WordPress site work I engage, it is a perfect and perfectly adequate tool for the job. Among the primary features that I personally find useful in it are the following:

  • columnar layouts per section with unlimited sections
  • sliders, both full-width and columnar
  • sidebars
  • accordions
  • maps
  • toggles
  • full-blown newsletter subscription
  • portfolios
  • audios

It also includes post format support for video, audio, links and quotes as well as mega-menus. I’ve found it particularly adept at handling one-page sites and its one-click support for parallax content-over-image sections is easy to implement and nicely done. It is easy to have content on revealed sections ease gently into space from any direction, which adds a touch of graphics class to a site that some clients find elegant.

I originally thought Divi would be the ideal prototyping tool, that I could use the page-builder to throw together a quick layout to show a client, and then go build the “real thing.” But increasingly I’m finding that Divi can handle most of what I need to have in the final version without needing to abandon the prototype.



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