Does Apple Bluetooth Just Suck?

I’ve been having trouble with Bluetooth on Apple devices for the past few days, and today as I was working with my iPad in some new ways, the situatin got worse.

I have had my Mini lose connection to the mouse at random and frequent intervals. I’ve replaced the battery, rebooted the system, reconnected the mouse. Nothing helps. Every time the Mini reboots, it says it can’t even find a Bluetooth device, then it finds the device and attempts a pairing, then it says it can’t find one again. This goes on until I restart the machine. Ridiculous.

Using an Apple wireless keyboard with the iPad, I had the iPad not only forget it had a keyoard attached via Bluetooth a couple of times, it couldn’t even “see” the keyboard a couople of times until I turned Blueetooth off and back on.

So I wonder do I just have bad luck or is it true, as several of my *nix buddies have told me repeatedly, that Apple’s implementation of Bluetooth just sucks?

3 comments for “Does Apple Bluetooth Just Suck?

  1. David
    May 31, 2013 at 1:22 am

    Hello Dan, I came across this post while looking to see if an Apple BT KB can be married to another mac like it is from the factory so the keys work at boot for repair or drive selection, no luck with that yet.

    Can’t speak to implementation(beyond my understanding), but when my iMac was in for warranty work for a hdd failing S.M.A.R.T., they also replaced the bluetooth board. I hadn’t had issues with the bluetooth and nothing was said about it except for it being on the invoice. So maybe they did have some bad bluetooth hardware at some point.

    The only times I have had disconnections was when the batteries are just about flat. Being both the iPad and Mac mini are having issues, perhaps its just a faulty keyboard especially if you have a bt mouse or trackpad and not seeing the same issues. If you are within a year of purchase you shouldn’t have much of a problem getting it replaced.

  2. May 31, 2013 at 2:44 am

    Thanks for sharing uyour experience. Both devices are more than a year old. I also have the same problem from time to time on my iMac with a wireless Apple mouse.

    Apple has quite a history of problems with Bluetooth on iOS and Mac OS X devices as a quick Google search reveals. They’ve had to come out with fixes and replacements numerous times over the years. I can’t imagine why they have so much trouble with it unless they’re futzing with the spec internally for some reason.