Elizabeth Warren: America’s One Best Hope in 2016?

Elizabeth Warren: A Nearly Lone Liberal Voice in the Wilderness

Elizabeth Warren: A Nearly Lone Liberal Voice in the Wilderness

It is at one and the same time my fervent hope that Elizabeth Warren agrees to take on Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s 2016 nomination and my unshaken expectation that if she does she will lose badly.

She sounds to me like a woman who desperately wants to run, not because of personal ambition (though I hope she has a lot of that) but because she seems genuinely to care about what happens to the average American citizen.

In this piece in the Washington Post today, she sure takes on the aura of someone who has a strong view of what the national agenda ought to be as she takes on both Democrats and Republicans in Washington who are making loud noises about making government work again without asking the deeper, more important question, “Work for whom?”

This is, as she points out, a time when “action at any price” could become the new doctrine of appeasement once masquerading as “peace at any price.” We know how that one worked out.

My favorite pull quote from her latest op-ed:

Before leaders in Congress and the president get caught up in proving they can pass some new laws, everyone should take a skeptical look at whom those new laws will serve.

In my ideal scenario, Warren takes on HRC, moves the Democratic Party agenda to the left and then announces she’ll run at the head of the Green Party (or, for all I care, her own Progressive Party). She would thereby earn my undying respect and unflagging support. Only a rapid and radical shift to a progressive agenda can save us. Even the rich and the greedy — lined up, licking their chops at the prospect of compromise meaning more lining for their pockets — should awaken to the fact that the destruction of the middle class ultimately means their own economic death.

Run, Elizabeth, Run!


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