Evidently, Money Can’t Buy Elections

So many take-aways from tonight’s enormously satisfying Obama win. Here are my favorites, in no particular order.

  • If Mitt Romney had let the sincere side he showed in his consummately excellent concession speech show during the campaign, things might have been different. So I’m glad he didn’t. But what a class act he put on in defeat!
  • It turns out even hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate dollars that should never have been allowed into the campaigns couldn’t buy the election for the Right, which vastly outspent the Democrats in outside money. Trouble is, this may result in a muted call for campaign finance reform, which I think is one of the most important issues in American politics today.
  • Finally the President mentions global climate change, but it’s a throwaway line in the middle of a pulse-pounding segment of his victory speech. I have no confidence he will do anything to address the problem. It is probably too late to save humanity as we know it anyway.
  • Former GOP Chairman Michael Steele was sobering, intelligent and articulate on MSNBC after the election. I have come to have great respect for this guy with whom I disagree almost all the time.
  • I predicted the Electoral College map with 100% accuracy except for the unknown of Florida as I head for bed. If Romney wins Florida, I can claim some sort of prize; if Obama takes it, I’ll have missed the mark but I won’t be unhappy to have done so.
  • OTOH, I badly missed the popular vote margin. I predicted 3%; looks like it’ll be 1-1.25%.
  • I’m glad it’s over. I may not comment on politics for weeks and weeks. Or maybe it’ll just be hours and hours.


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