Finally Moving to WordPress

Well, the investigation is over and I’ve bitten the old bullet and moved my blogging presence completely to WordPress. In a day or two, I’ll post some of the details of why I made the decision and how the transfer away from Posterous went. (In a word, it was pretty easy and painless if a little convoluted.)

I spent way more hours on this task than I thought I would, in part because I’d really prefer not to have to switch platforms again before I finally disappear from Planet Earth and in part because I always make things more complicated for myself than they need to be.

Suffice to say that once I finished a thorough evaluation of WordPress in its latest incarnation, I found that a number of the issues I had with earlier versions disappeared. WordPress has quickly become a very comfortable environment in which to work. I’m still learning and I have a few features to implement yet but I decided tonight to pull the Posterous plug and devote my energies to WordPress and this new blog location. The URL is the same and all the data from my Posterous days appears to be intact, so I suspect that other than the drastically different typography and layout, the move should be relatively transparent.

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