Gen. Hayden Reveals Classical Fascism in Government-Industry Connections

Journalist Peter Sussman — one of the few laboring in that profession who remains worthy of the title — pointed out in an email to his followers today that there is “more than a whiff of classical fascism” in the tight working relationships between the American military and intellilgence communities and aerospace and telecommunications companies.

Quoting from a PBS NewsHour interview that included retired Gen. Michael Hayden, former top spy in the United States, Sussman brings out a telling comment that would be scary if we weren’t all pretty much aware of the fascism that has been nurtured in Washington for the past 20+ years.

Hayden said:

The American Air Force is the military expression of the American aviation industry, right? The American signals intelligence enterprise, American cyber-security are the espionage and military expressions of the American telecommunications and computer industry. I mean, these two things are wed. And if for one reason or another these are separated, American security is harmed and American commerce is equally harmed.

Say what? The economic interests of American security and American commerce are inextricably linked and completely interdependent? Is that the way our society is supposed to work? I think not.

I guess what I find shocking isn’t that this observation is accurate, but rather that a man of Gen. Hayden’s reputation and experience would utter such a clear statement of the fact and never bat an eyelash. Like it’s common knowledge and furthermore no big deal.

Well, my friends, it is a big deal; a very big damned deal. And this New American Order has been building under Presidents and Congresses of both parties for a long time. It’s almost certainly too late to undo the damage. But perhaps it’s not too late to reverse the course of history.

The upcoming 2014 and 2016 elections loom larger and larger as we see more and more of the slimy underbelly of our political system and how very little distance on important transcendent issues there is between the two political parties.

More on that subject later.


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