Giants Bullpen Gains Some Seasoning, But…

Just as Spring Training opened yesterday for the Giants in Scottsdale, the team announced the signing of relief pitcher David Hernandez, late of the D-Backs, to a one-year minor league contract.

Action shot of Giants' Reliever David Hernandez

Giants’ Reliever David Hernandez

Hernandez, who will turn 32 in May, is a borderline pitcher with only four years in the majors in a career that spans 10 years of bouncing around between the minors and the Big League. His career stats are not great. His FIP is 4.35, which is just a skosh below horrible, while his WHIP is a pretty respectable 1.34.

But — and here’s the real rub — this is another guy in the Giants’ pen who has had recent Tommy John surgery. In fact, he sat out all of 2014 with the problem and had a really mediocre 2015 season (4.74 FIP, 1.31 WHIP), then last season as a Phillie he maintained is dismal FIP (4.32) while slightly seeing his WHIP dip to 1.50.

So what does that mean? What can we surmise about a guy whose WHIP is consistently solid but whose FIP is pretty awful? Good question. I’m off studying it right now. Watch for a coming-soon post on this that will include a rundown of the Giants’ likely pitching lineup.

Go, Giants!

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