Giants, Led by Cueto, Win a One-Run, Low-Scoring Gem

On Tuesday, April 5, the Giants took the second game of the season-opening three-game series at Milwaukee behind a sterling pitching performance by the newly acquired Johnny Cueto. Cueto pitched seven strong innings, giving up six hits and striking out four while not walking a batter. So this is the first game of the year that was won by pitching, as compared with the season opener which the Giants won at the plate.

So far on the season, my prediction that hitting would be more important than pitching to the G-Men’s season is on a dead split. Of course, we don’t have enough data points yet but I’m sticking with my early prognostication.

The Brewers allowed the Giants’ winning run in the fourth by not playing their infield in in a situation where the speedy Panik was able to race home from third while Pence was tossed out at second and Duffy reached on the FC. They probably figured they’d have a lot more chances but Cueto seemed to get stronger after that. Romo got a hold and Casilla a save.


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