Google Dart Aiming to Replace Javascript?

Doing some research on the current state of the JavaScript world, I ran across this article from The Register, headlined "Google plan to kill Javascript with Dart, fight off Apple."

I'm skeptical about the underlying news hook and doubtful that Google has plans to replace or kill JavaScript. But the article has a subtext that posits that JS might in essence collapse under its own weight as  its use expands and becomes so complex that it is as difficult to learn and use as, say, C#. In that event, if Google has a language waiting in the wings with some development exposure and experience to support it, migration from JS to this new language wouldn't be unthinkable.

I love JavaScript. I've been a huge fan and booster from Day One and I don't see any reason to abandon it at the moment. I figure my days are numbered and by extension so are my coding days and, frankly, I am not psyched at the idea of learning yet another programming language. So regardless of the outcome, I'll probably never learn Dart or Dash or whatever it gets called. JS is apparently the most widely used language on the Web, with many reports suggesting that virtually all "modern" sites using it. One report says that 45% of the top 100,000 ranked sites (per Alexa) use a JS framework. By contrast, PHP, easily the most widely used scripting-side language (though there are many variants of JS that run server side as well) is used on an estimated 20 million sites running on more than 1 million Web servers.

But that doesn't keep me from being intrigued by the notion that a language as deeply entrenched on the Web as JavaScript could be supplanted by a completely re-engineered language that is, as the article put it, "the ability to be tooled."

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