Google Docs & Sheets Get Add-Ons

Google G LogoI’m a heavy user of Google Docs and Sheets. Well, actually, let’s face it. I’m a Google Addict (or maybe Googleholic?).

Anyway, I was pretty excited to see that Google has now added Add-Ons to Docs & Sheets. There are only a few so far but I can envision an explosion into a plethora of neat new features coming from all over the place.

There are some cool writing aids. One I’m intrigued by is ProWritingAid that allows you to check a document for plagiarism, cliches, redundancies, grammar mistakes and other problems. I note that it has only garnered two stars so it may not be very good, but the idea certainly is.

Others that caught my eye: a MailChimp-authored merge, highlighting tools, charts and diagrams, and workflow including electronic signature.

As far as I can tell, all the add-ons so far are free but I can envision a marketplace emerging here.

Google Docs is my first-choice word processor these days despite its lack of some useful features but this seems to be an excellent way for Google to move to a place where I won’t need any other word processor in my arsenal. And since I’m using my Chromebook more and more (I told you I’m addicted!), this is welcome news for the way I work.


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