Google News Does Crappy Job of Updates on Some Topics


As a long-time user of Google News, I am becoming increasingly annoyed by the app's apparent inability to tell time. Or, for that matter, to read a calendar. This image shows you my Google News page's custom San Francisco Giants entries as of 5 p.m. Pacific today.

They're about to kick off a game at St. Louis' Busch Stadium. What does the "news" have to offer me?

* The score of yesterday's game
* A pre-game story about a game that was played July 10 in Kansas City!
* A story about…not the Giants as requested and clearly labeled…but the 49ers (whom I also follow via Google News)

Not even anything about the more recent games between July 9 and yesterday. Let alone any pre-game coverage for today.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Sports' page on the Giants is chock full of brand-new news, including:

* A trade the Giants made in which they picked up lefty reliever Jose Mijares from the Royals TODAY
* The AP's preview of tonight's game and the series
* A good wrapup of the just-completed sweep of the Rockies

And there's lots of other stuff there as well.

It's obvious from this and tons of other observations I've made that Yahoo is really serious about being a major content player while Google dabbles in it using their (apparently time-unconscious) search algorithms to create news pages that are just embarrassingly dumb and out-dated.

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