Google to Offer WiFi in the Cloud Globally?

Google G LogoI hope this story on is true. It reports that Google is working with wireless router maker Ruckus to create a cloud-based WiFi system. This would enable any business with an Internet connection to offer wireless to its employees and customers without the overhead of managing the process.

It seems like a logical idea. And it seems that few companies other than Google could pull it off.

The new infrastructure would be aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. It’s being made possible by the creation by companies like Ruckus, Aerohive and Cloud4Wi — along with the giants Cisco and Ericsson — of software-based wireless controllers.

What’s the impact on consumers? GigaOm speculates, “The whole thing looks like one big home network: once you’re logged in securely at your dentist’s office, you’re logged in when you step into the bakery down the street or a restaurant two states over.” Sounds pretty cool to me!


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