Hello and Thanks for All the Fish

Proud Pescatarian LogoToday I am embarking on a 60-day trial return to my former eating lifestyle, pescatarianism. This is a variant on vegetarianism (which it decidedly is not) in which I choose foods from the lacto-ovo (cheese and eggs OK) lifestyle and add seafood. So my focus will be on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and fish.

I came to this decision in the early morning hours today as I was meditating on my health and contemplating my obligations as a member of the human race.

Last evening I had a slightly scary experience of what I learned is called a “hypertensive urgency.” At first, I thought it was a hypertensive emergency, which would have had me call 911 for transport to the emergency room. But the secondary symptom I had was, I was able to determine with meditative insight, not shortness of breath but rather gas caused by an ill-advised eating choice I’d made. Still, my blood pressure was 210/75, well above the safe upper limit of 180 my doctor wants me to stay below.

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I took some gas relief medication and meditated for 15 minutes focusing on my blood pressure and my cardio-vascular system. At the end of that time, my BP was down to 164/55 but the breathing problem was only slightly better. 30 minutes later, the BP had shot back up to 201/66 but the breathing was easing. I did another relaxation exercise and 15 minutes later the BP was 145/58 and my breathing was normal.

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I awoke about 3:30 a.m. which is not entirely uncommon for me. I decided to spend some meditation time on my health. Over the course of the next 20 or so minutes, I got a strong message from Spirit that I would greatly benefit by improving my diet. At one point, I had been a pretty strict pescatarian, in fact fairly close to vegetarian, only eating fish once or twice a week. But as happens when we don’t do things mindfully, I had allowed my diet to slip back into old, unhealthy patterns.

So I decided that I’ll try a very regulated pescatarian diet for 60 days and see how I feel at the end of that time.

I won’t bore you with daily or even weekly updates but I will add posts here if and when new insights or information occur to me.

As it happens, this lifestyle also has the potential to significantly reduce my environmental impact. Production of beef, pork and to a lesser extent poultry requires the use of many natural resources in much larger proportions than that required to produce the same amount of nutritional value in fish and plants. So eating this way will make a contribution, however small, to reducing the effect of global climate change.

Stay tuned. Or not. 😀

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