How Now, Brown Cow, Take That!

dead-cowUK police have shot and killed a wandering cow that escaped from a small park because, they said, it posed a threat to motorists on a nearby highway.

According to The Independent, “The large domesticated ungulate, according to police, was in a highly distressed state and was considered by them to be a “significant risk” to members of the public and motorists. Bystanders said the cow was not moving.”

The death of a cow is sad. But the incredible over-militarization brought to bear on this incident was a microcosm of our times and demonstrates the problem is global in nature. On reports of three cows — COWS! — escaping the park, police scrambled as many as 20 cars, a helicopter and three snipers — SNIPERS! — to deal with them. Two were recaptured but “Bessie” (what else would you nickname a milking cow, right?) apparently refused to go peacefully. So officers opened fire.

By the way, this wasn’t the first time a heavily armed police department used overwhelming force on a bovine. In December 2014, police in Pocatello, Idaho, shot and killed a cow that escaped from a slaughterhouse.

I imagine animal rights activists will be up in arms over this. Doubtful they’ll have any more success than the millions protesting police violence against humans, but, hey, the more voices the better. It’s well past time to stop the police state’s rapid expansion in its tracks. I welcome President Obama’s announcement of new Federal policies on the sale or donation of military equipment to local police, even though I think he didn’t go far enough.



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