I Won! I Won! ElegantThemes is Now My Playground!

Last week, I entered a drawing held by DesignHash, a great Web design site where professionals display their wares. I ended up winning! My prize? A developer subscription to ElegantThemes, where there are 80+ WordPress themes and some awfully nifty-sounding plugins.

I don’t know how many winners they drew (nor do I care). I just like winning. This is actually only the third thing I’ve won online in the 18 years I’ve been doing Web design and development. So that’s exciting in and of itself.

But this drawing also shows the power of having such events to build traffic and awareness. I’ve told a half-dozen of my artistically inclined graphic designers and artists about DesignHash and at least four of them were impressed enough to investigate.

Meanwhile, I have access to some very nice professionally designed WP Themes. And did I mention their plugins? Sexy!



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