If This New Tech is Legit, Global Warming May Have Met Its Solution

If this development is legitimate — and not a hoax like, say, cold fusion of a few years back — this new technology could literally save the human race.

Brilliant Light Power Logo

Brilliant Light Power Logo

Researchers at a well-funded startup called Brilliant Light Power have used a quantum physics technique to convert hydrogen molecules to something called “hydrino” — essentially dark matter — so efficiently that they were able in a recent public demonstration to produce more than a million watts of electricity from a relatively small sample in a small, lightweight device.

I am cautiously wildly optimistically skeptical. Not being a physicist, I cannot evaluate the underlying science here. But it’s worth noting that four separate teams of validators using cross-supporting methodologies separately confirmed BLP’s SunCell’s production of one million watts of electricity. Reports say the demonstration produced power gains of over 100 times the power to ignite the Hydrino reaction, and at power densities higher than any previously known energy source.

The company is targeting industrial uses first and plans to have commercially viable products on the market in 2018.

I’m going to keep a very close eye on this development.

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