I’ll See Your Piece of Toast and Raise You One Dwarf Planet

Every once in a while you hear a weird story about the face of Jesus or  Mary or Dwight Eisenhower showing up on a piece of toast or a washcloth or some other insensate object.

President Barack Obama has done them one better. His face — or rather half of it — shows up in some animated imaging from the dwarf planet Ceres which is the subject of the latest NASA mission called Dawn.

UFO followers believe they have discovered the “watermark” of Obama’s pensive countenance in a NASA animation which you can see here. (Depending on your tolerance for hyper-bizarre conspiracy theories you may want to skip the ‘story’ that accompanies that image.)

Of course those same people believe that two bright spots of illumination spotted on Ceres a couple of weeks ago by the explorer craft are beacons guiding UFO’s to an underground base, so….


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