I’m Going Home Sunday to Continue Healing!

For those of you following the latest Shafer Health Saga, I’ll be returning home to continue the healing process on Sunday morning. The consensus is that I have progressed far faster than expected (Western medical expectations are lower than mine!) and there’s no more to be gained from being treated away from my home.

I am feeling much better than at any time recently and even though the Big Picture remains problematic (IOW, the physical aspect of me is still well below the level of health at which I’d like to be), I have clearly emerged from the most recent critical challenge hardly the worse for wear and much wiser.

I am reminded by Spirit of the vast wealth that is at my fingertips. Friends abound, generosity and compassion embodied in each and every one of them. Even financially, I know that Spirit is in charge and taking care of things thanks in part to the GoFundMe campaign my lovely youngest daughter Heather thought to set up.

I’m doing a lot of thinking and contemplation these days about how I continue to meet my calling, fulfill my mission and advance the state of Enlightenment in myself and those around me. Some changes are clearly going to be necessary, but I don’t see a cessation in the near term. IOW, I’m not done with you yet!

Of course, I remain eager for all affirmative thoughts and prayers you feel moved to share with me as this journey continues.

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