Is Facebook Buy of Opera a ‘Stupid’ Move?

As rumors continue to swirl around the idea that Facebook is seriously considering acquiring the Opera Web browser, at least one closely followed analyst says that it would be a stupid move. Some analysts attribute today’s dip in Facebook’s newly minted IPO stock below $30 for the first time to the persistent rumors.

The potential acquisition would,
reports suggest, cost Facebook in excess of $1 billion. Of course the most popular social network just stuffed in excess of $15 billion into its coffers with a public offering and has long ago reached a point where its only way to grow is by acquisition. with over 900 million users, it is approaching saturation in the market.

I’m a little less jaundiced about the purchase idea. Opera makes what is clearly the best mobile browser and mobile is Facebook’s biggest obvious shortcoming. And while it’s not likely that the intersection between Opera users and Facebook members is zero, it’s nonetheless valuable if FB can get more Opera browser users to be more active on the network since that’s what drives advertisers and rates.

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