Jill Stein Makes Ballot in Illinois

Dr. Jill Stein, my personal candidate for president of the United States in 2016, has met a really difficult challenge and qualified for the November ballot in Illinois. In some ways, this was the most difficult ballot access challenge for her — or any legitimate third party for that matter — ever. Not only is the bar far too high in Illinois, but there was such competition this year that even a smallish army of volunteers couldn’t collect the requisite 25,000 signatures in the 90-day allowed window. This meant she had to raise tens of thousands of dollars to put paid petition signature gatherers in the noisy field.

And she did it!

She’s gaining ballot access ground elsewhere, too. A judge in Pennsylvania agreed with a complaint filed by Jill’s team that challenged the 25,000-signature requirement in that state as onerous, dropping it to an easily achievable 5,000. Next state up is Georgia where she needs 7,500 valid signatures but is shooting for 15,000 to cover possible challenges.

Sure, she’s highly unlikely to win. But she can’t win if she’s not on the ballot! Every fair-minded voter, regardless of party affiliation or candidate preference, ought to be in favor of far easier ballot access, meaning more choice in November.



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