Jim Hightower Gets It: Let’s Jail Some Bankers

Jim Hightower in his weekly newsletter today calls for bankers and financial industry workers who cheat, rob, steal and otherwise screw the American public to lose their jobs, their bonuses and their freedom.

Like I said about other corporate officials whose companies are “punished” for wrongdoing that was really the work of the corporate executives.

Surely it must be beyond obvious by now even to the so-called regulators of Wall Street that it’s not the institutions that create the chaos and destroy whole sections of the economy with their greed; it’s the human beings running those organizations, making the decisions, taking the risks, and wringing their hands in joyful contemplation of the profligate spending they’ll be able to do.

As Hightower says, “The problem is that, again and again, Wall Street’s culture of greed is rewarded – bank bosses preside over gross illegalities, are not punished, pocket multimillion-dollar bonuses despite their shoddy ethics, and blithely proceed to the next scandal.”

Toss ’em in the hoosegow and let them rub elbows with the Common Man for a few years. I’ll bet that scares a bunch of ’em straight.

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