John Allsopp: “Hybrid Phone Apps Are BS”

SitePointe columnist Louis Simoneau had a good piece on the role of hybrid apps in the skyrocketing world of smartphone and portable device app development the other day. Featured in his article was a link to a fascinating podcast with long-time smartphone guru and conference organizer John Allsopp.

In this podcast — and lots of other places on the Web — John faces the issue of hybrid apps head on, opining that they are essentially dead ends that there are "a whole pile of reasons" not to engage in. His view is that Web apps built using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS are destined to be far more successful and less prone to sudden shifts in the markets caused by disruptive technology and marketing decisions by the owners of the few App Stores out there. I've been saying this for some time, of course, but it isn't only the fact that John and I agree that causes me to recommend this podcast. Listen carefully to what he says; he offers software developers of all stripes a cogent look at the near-term future.

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