Kaep Shows Well in Wild Niners Win

Well, they don’t get much stranger than this one. I fully expected the 49ers to slink out of New England with her tail firmly planted between their legs, having been handed a one-sided loss by the Patriots. Instead, I’ll led by mid-season replacement QB Colin Kaepernick,  the Niners won two of three games played under miserable conditions and emerged with a surprising  41-34 victory.

SF backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick

49ers Starting QB Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick got the team off to a huge start, and by the third quarter the game looked all but out of reach for the host Pats. Then the veteran Tom Brady seemed to wake up. In surprisingly short order, the game was tied at 31.

In the end, though, it was the second-year signal caller who has become the butt of my many barbs with season who pulled their game out of the fire, ending with a QB rating north of 100.

CK was able to pull off this win despite some really questionable play-calling from the bench. As the game wound down, Chris Collinsworth was singing in the young players praises, singling out his mental agility at finding secondary receivers.

For me, it’s still too early to become a fan of No. 7, but he certainly made a good, strong impression in the way he handled abundance and lack during one of the most engaging and exciting games I’ve seen in a while.

Next up for the 49ers: the Seattle Seahawks. Having clinched a playoff spot tonight, the Niners will be looking to lock down the division title and a great position during the playoffs.

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