Kaep is Struggling alright, but it’s not his alone

Everyone seems to be calling for Colin Kaepernick’s head these days. The 49ers QB is having a pretty terrible season. Whenever that happens and the team isn’t playing well, he’s usually the first guy people look to chop.

But as much as I’m no big fan of the Kaeped Krusader, I’m not ready to see him cut yet. Besides, does anyone thing Blaine Gabbert would be even a marginally adequate replacement?

Didn’t think so.

The main problem with the 49ers is and will continue to be “head coach” Jim Tomsula. The guy’s just not ready for the job he’s been thrust into. The defense is playing nearly as badly as the offense and Kaep has nothing to do with that.

Case in point on Tomsula is Jared Hyde, the Aussie rugby player who has been essentially exiled because of a couple of dropped punts. OK, three. Still, if you benched everyone on the team who’s made multiple mistakes, the Niners couldn’t field a bowling team.

As long as Tomsula has the reins, the Niners will meander all over the place. If CK is the problem, then let’s find a replacement, get him ready and then do the swap. But to make an abrupt change now would only demoralize the core of the team which sees Kaep as the main point of stability and one of the primary sources of hope for a team that has been cut adrift by stupid owners.


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