Kucinich Ousted. Bad Day for True Liberals

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a Quixotic Democrat who was my personal choice for President both times he ran unsuccessfully for the nomination, got trounced in a Democratic primary yesterday. The political career of the fiercely consistent pro-peace Kucinich is probably over, at least as far as elected office is concerned. I am saddened by this turn of events and both the party and the nation are worse off because of it.

Kucinich founded a movement attempting to get Congress to establish a Cabinet-level Department of Peace, a feat achieved by a number of other Western democracies but notably resisted in these constant war-footing times in the U.S. He was a constant and consistent voice against fighting unnecessary foreign wars. His voice will soon no longer be heard in the debates over new wars such as the one President Obama seems hell-bent on dragging us into in Iran.

The Republicans engineered his defeat as sure as if they'd backed a crossover pseudo-candidate. They combined the key portions of his Ohio district with those of a Democratic colleague Marcy Kaptur, who ran a bit of a nasty campaign against her former colleague. That approach will also have damaged the Democratic Party in Ohio, though certainly not fatally.

I hope Kucinich continues his career in unelected politics and finds a platform from which to continue his reminders to the American people of the futility and horrendous cost of foreign adventurism. 

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