Let Any Twitter Follower Send You a DM? Someone’s Eating Stupid Pills


Courtesy of The WEEK

Twitter announced a new policy today that allows you to agree to let anyone who is following you send you a Direct Message (DM), whether or not you’ve followed them. Good thing it’s opt-in because I expect damn few people to check that little box. But this could signal the top of a slippery slope.

Until now, only people you followed could send you a DM. Your followers whom you have not chosen to follow have no way to reach you directly.

But with the new policy, there is a checkbox in your user settings that, when checked, allows any follower to DM you.

Don’t check the box! If nobody takes advantage of this new “feature” maybe it will fall into the dustbin of terrible ideas Twitter, Facebook and other social networks have tried to use to monetize their platforms at the expense of their users/members.


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