Let the 49ers Blood-Letting Begin. In All the Wrong Places!

In the past few hours, the Niners have announced the trade of veteran franchise-making tight end Vernon Davis and the benching of Colin Kaepernick in favor of his ludicrously unqualified backup, Blaine Gabbert. As the team attempts to deal with the dismal 2-6 record accumulated so far this season, it seems intent on making every possible wrong move and not making moves that could actually improve things.

“Head” Coach Jim Tomsula is the main problem. He should be axed forthwith.

The offensive line sucks and is a major reason for Kaep’s weak performance so far. Shoring up the line and maybe replacing either or both the offensive coordinator (Geep Chryst) and the O-Line coach (Chris Foerster). Maybe elevate a couple of guys off the second rank and give them a shot? It’s obviously too late for these moves to have a measurable impact this season but the symbolism of those moves would perhaps make some difference to the players.

Davis, a 10-year starter with the Niners and a staple at the all-important TE post in a West Coast offense, has appeared in six games this season, collecting 18 catches for 194 yards. That’s a decent per-game average that the team will have difficulty making up.

But that won’t be as visible as it might otherwise be because Gabbert, who’s the new signal-caller, hasn’t started a game since 2011. After a promising start at Jacksonville in 2011, he faded fast before being picked up by the Niners. He has virtually no legs and is interception-prone. But he’s the guy the Niners think can salvage some of their season?

More screwups by GM Trent Baalke who probably didn’t even discuss these moves with his yes-man “head” coach.

It’s one thing for a once-storied franchise to have an off year and to need rebuilding, It’s quite another for it to deliberately tear down the wrong parts and rebuild them with lower quality.

Laughingstock may be too good a name for these guys.

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