Liberal Media My Patootie. It’s “Corporate Media” and Here’s More Proof

dailykosGreat piece on Daily Kos today in yet another great reaction to the constant whining of the Right about Liberal media bias. It just grinds me every time I hear someone say that. There have been dozens of seriously academic comparisons and analyses of American news media over the past 25 years and not one credible study concluded the media had a liberal bias except in the personal lives of reporters, who never get to decide what gets published. (Here’s a good roundup on the subject from an admittedly biased Liberal outlet but the data is not really arguable.)

The Daily Kos piece lists 15 stories that we’d actually see being covered in the so-called Liberal media if in fact they were even the teeniest bit liberal. It’s a great, though incomplete, list:


  1. How outsourcing destroyed the American job market while growing overseas economies
  2. Where the wealth in this nation is concentrated and how much wider the gap has grown in the 2000’s
  3. Why a right-wing business organization called ALEC is writing “model” legislation for state legislatures all over the country and imposing its overlords’ will on the public without any recognition of its dastardly power
  4. Prison vs crime 1The fact that prison population in the U.S. is not only, by every comparison, the highest in the world, but that it continues to climb astronomically despite dramatic declines in crime rates
  5. Why the disproportionate number of young black men comprise that prison population when 69.2% of arrestees are white but 39.4% of inmates are non-Hispanic blacks who constitute only 13.6% of the total population
  6. How U.S. healthcare costs got to be by far the highest in the world (hint: it has nothing to do with quality of care.)
  7. Why Glass-Steagall, which kept little Americans’ savings safe for 66 years was repealed, who was behind it, and why it’s continuing to be a major block to economic renewal
  8. How the Right used gerrymandering to dominate state legislatures and thus steal votes directly from the people in races for Congressional seats
  9. The incredible number of bills blocked by the GOP over the past three Congressional sessions
  10. The impact of the Supreme Court’s clearly partisan Citizens United decision on American politics
  11. The continuing reliance of Republicans on Nixon’s racially bigoted Southern Strategy as a despicable prop for staying in power
  12. The fact that tax cuts the GOP touts so highly are almost always beneficial only or primarily to the wealthiest Americans, thus contributing to the economic disparity (see #x)
  13. What environmental factors are causing the potentially catastrophic reduction in bee populations in the U.S. and what agribusiness needs to stop doing to prevent it from annihilation
  14. The fact that 17 million Americans are either temporary, contract or consulting workers who are hired without benefits, long-term agreements, or any other support and how that impacts our jobless recovery
  15. The fact that 90% of American media is owned by just six companies: Time Warner, Disney, News Corporation, Viacom, Comcast, and CBS, and how this media consolidation has led to Corporate Media, not Liberal Media

If you read only mainstream media, you probably aren’t even aware of a significant number of these issues and of those of which you are aware, you have no real insight into causes and consequences. Because today’s mainstream media is big on sports, entertainment (see this post from yesterday) and very small on serious news coverage unless it meets the fundamental criterion, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

These media folk have carried the idea of “objectivity” into regions never even contemplated by the most insidious leaders of any nation. They think objective reporting means giving both sides equal access and apparent credibility regardless whether their views hold any water at all on even slightest examination. They are too lazy to dig out facts for themselves. Reporting consists in interviewing one person from the Left, one person from the Right and then spouting “he said, she said” bullpuckey as if it were news.


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